Artist Statement

Play is integral to how I approach making work. Creative solutions are best found through accidents in the process, and experimentation with thread and other found materials. Many of my artworks are also the result of spending time outdoors. Sitting, observing and walking but most importantly collecting; these activities of absorbing a space imprint themselves onto my work and act as a starting point for a future painting. 

Working as a textile restorer for Navajo Rugs, Molly began to use these experiences of blending colors of wool, and spinning yarn to reweave the patterns in the rugs to influence her painting process. She pulled on her intuitive perceptions of color, form, pattern and movement—where the repetitive hand of weaving is transformed into the language of her brushstrokes.

Molly’s interaction with textiles is one of intense and close observation, that extends to the natural world. She began to see in her daily routine a variety of flexible grids that mimic the structure of weaving—window blinds look like looms, and architectural forms reference the invisible horizontal and vertical 3D structure of a weaving. Collecting moments of mundane beauty and cultivated natural spaces finding the patters throughout them: a blanket over the earth. The woven patterns of textiles become the coverings that soften our interior space and bring the landscape into our homes. 

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