The Creature

A collaboration with Nancy Dewhurst.

While out in the field, my works are embedded in the physical act of play. I chose to pretend to be something else in the Creature in order to navigate my way through nature because the act of play helps me to forget the bias of logic and “what we are supposed to do”. Materials, spontaneity, and improvisation take center stage when not limiting ourselves with rules. Play often involves pretending, and to pretend is a form of camouflage. Play becomes the optimal tool for creating because it allows you step into another world where you can respond to experiences while making intuitively, which is the mindset I try to step into while in the studio.

Wild Rivers: Water as Paint

Play is integral to how I approach making work. Creative solutions are best found through accidents in the process, and experimentation with thread and other found materials. Many of my artworks are also the result of spending time outdoors. Sitting, observing and walking but most importantly collecting; these activities of absorbing a space imprint themselves onto my work and act as a starting point for a future painting. I find that I return frequently to collecting natural materials and fibers, sketching, collaging because they are conducive for entering a state of play.