Intuitive Landmarks

I’m interested in how things are built over time. My paintings are about the process of accumulating architectural structures and rock forms to construct imagery found in real-life landscapes. I draw on my childhood of living in the Texas Panhandle where the flat horizon and expansive skies with clouds narrate a story about these isolated families surviving on the plains. My color palette is derived from the southwest, combining earthy hues, red dirt, and warm light colors cascading on natural forms as I remember from my high school years in Albuquerque, NM.

Many of my paintings are done quickly focusing on the essence of a glance where active and gestural marks describe these exterior expansive environments in simplified shapes. The presence of time and the earth are described through the visible layers of thick and thin paint, drips, and smudges as if the painting itself becomes a ground filled with my memories and history growing up in a rural environment. These layers of geologic paint embedded in the paintings begin to build worldly forms with the soft edges of rocks, and the hard edges of homes within my southwest landscape.